Individualized, 360? workout
experience a week like a "pro"

The Master Jam Camp offers an even more intensive work with extra work sessions, in addition to the already accurate competitive program. The Master is aimed at those who want to perfect and refine their fundamentals with more specific hours of work on the fields and with customized technical programs, cared for by a very high level staff.

Il Master Jam Camp è a numero chiuso e riservato ai ragazzi e alle ragazze dai 13 ai 19 anni
Termine delle iscrizioni: 15 maggio (salvo esaurimento posti disponibili)

Jam Camp Master's participants will receive a more generous welcome kit, including a personalized flash-drive containing all the video footage of the workout and the individual progress report.

Jam Camp Master offers specialized activities and individualized sessions according to:

  • the player's position (hitter, setter, opposite hitter, libero)
  • the basics of the game one wants to improve on (dribble, attack, defense)

Coaches of Master Jam Camp assign each camper a specific program designed for personal skills improvement

  • PERFORMANCE PROGRAM: Mainly intended for athletes who need a consolidation of the specific skills of their position
  • ADVANCED PROGRAM: Intended for players who have an advanced background and who master the specific skills of their role, preferably if they come from experiences in the state / federal selection teams.

Both programs (PERFORMANCE and ADVANCED) include:

  • analytic work sessions focused on deepening the fundamentals
  • synthetic work sessions diversified by role
  • global work sessions (in a team) in which to integrate the technique with the game actions and in-depth analysis of the game's tactics
  • video analysis sessions (individual and team level)
  • specific tests for an assessment of the initial physical condition and the setting up of a personalized improvement work

The programming is always modulated according to the actual technical needs of the athlete, with a personalized scheduling of the different types of work proposed that can materialize into a specific improvement and an awareness of one's own abilities and technical and physical potential.

The participation at Jam Camp Master is restricted to athletes aged 13 to 19 (up to a maximum of 24 participants).