A well-rounded project
in sports and education

Jam Camp Volleyball is a summer “school” focused on volleyball. It is designed as a “technical course” that allows athletes to improve their skills and the basics of the game (Competitive Camp), while beginners have the opportunity to approach volleyball for the first time (Beginner’s Camp).

A well-rounded project in sports and education

Experience this unique and unforgettable opportunity

Jam Camp Masterclass

Since 2015 we are also offering a Jam Camp Masterclass, a specialized and individual crash-course where athletes can enjoy extra workout sessions, video analysis of their performance, and in-depth sessions about strategy and the basics of the game, delivered in the classroom and targeted to specific age ranges. In a nutshell, the Masterclass can be seen as an intense full immersion into volleyball.

Jam Camp

Jam Camp is a unique experience that combines thorough technical work on the courts with a fun holiday in wonderful seaside locations. All the participants can enjoy this unique team-building experience and its unforgettable emotions.

The essence of Jam Camp


Jam Camp is the only summer school that guarantees the presence of great champions and coaches in each edition, acting as examples and role models for the younger participants.


In these twenty years, more than 10.000 young athletes from all over Europe participated in our Jam Camp editions, along with a team of international champions and coaches: Massimo Barbolini, Davide Mazzanti, Francois Salvagni, Adele Magnani, Daniele Bagnoli, Vincenzo Fanizza, Marcello Abbondanza, Stefano Saja e Luca Cristofani.

These are only some of the champions who participated in the past editions of Jam Camp Volleyball: Ivan Zaytsev, Tai Aguero, Lorenzo Bernardi, Francesca Piccinini, Francesca Ferretti, Federica Stufi, Serena Ortolani, Lucia Crisanti, Valerio Vermiglio, Fox Fei, Maurizia Cacciatori, Daniele Sottile, Leo Marshall, Javier Gonzalez, Ray Poey, Ramon Gato, Andrea Lucchetta, Luca Cantagalli, Maurizio Latelli, Osvany Hernandez, Jiri Kovar, Michele Fedrizzi…