Jam Camp
from the beginning up to now

A brief journey back in time to re-live together Jam Camp’s most important moments

  • 1997

    1997-2001 – Beach & Volley Camp

    In 1997 volleyball camps were not as popular as they are now, and we often found ourselves having to build everything from the ground up, as volleyball pioneers.

    We were off to an incredible start with clear goals in mind and enthusiastic guests such as the champion Keba Phipps – among the greatest players worldwide – Manuela Benelli – the greatest Italian volleyball player at the time – and Lorenzo Bernardi at his brightest, also known as “Mr Century”.

    Throughout the first editions, almost all the champions of the legendary national team coached by Julio Velasco participated in Jam Camp Volleyball: Andrea Lucchetta, Luca Cantagalli, Fabio Vullo, Fefè De Giorgi, Andrea Gardini, Davide Bellini, Andrea Pasinato, Andrea Giani, as well as the rising stars Marco Molteni, Andrea Loglisci, and great international guests such as Joel Despaign and Ljubo Ganev.

    We also had the privilege to host great coaches such as Bernie Randelli, Modena’s and Malta’s National Team coach, Jim Helmer, charismatic Canadian coach, and Javier Kantor with his unique Mediterranean passion.

    Bernie, Jim, and Javier contributed to build the Camp from the ground up, and will always be “directors” honoris causa together with all the coaches that made our history.

  • 2001

    Vermiglio & Cacciatori’s era – Salsomaggiore Terme

    In 2001 two young champions, Valerio Vermiglio e Alessandro Fei, participated in Jam Camp and set the stage for a great generation of players.

    After trying out some fascinating locations such as Fiuggi, Badesi Mare (Sassari) and Isca sullo Ionio (Calabria), between 2002 and 2006 Jam Camp Volleyball settles in Salsomaggiore Terme, the city of Miss Italia, alongside its historical location at Naxos Gardens.

    Valerio was playing in Parma at the time and had not yet become the leader of our national team; charismatic and amicable, he managed to win everyone over right from the start. He thus became a friend and a regular guest at the Camp for over ten years.

    We stood at his side with pride and passion while he was rising to the highest points of his career, until the summer became too “short” (between professional and family commitments) for him to participate in the Camp. We thank him warmly for all the years spent together and we wish him the best in his future endeavors.

  • 2002

    Maurizia Cacciatori, our official Testimonial

    Maurizia Cacciatori, indisputably known as the queen of 21st century Italian volleyball, has been our official sponsor and patroness between 2002 and 2005 infusing emotions and passions to all our Campers.

    We also take the chance to congratulate her on recently becoming a mother! Among our special guests of the same years were Francesca Piccinini, Andrea Gravina, Simone Rosalba, Hristo Zlatanov, Paola Croce, Alexis Batte, Angel Beltran Leo Giombini, and Gianluca Saraceni. The technical direction was also lead by an exceptional group of coaches such as Daniele Bagnoli, who won big in Italy and Russia, and Massimo Barbolini, new to Jam Camp but highly renown as coach of the National Women’s League.

  • 2007

    Francois Salvagni’s era – Marina di Massa

    In 2007 Versilia replaces Salsomaggiore as the main Jam Camp location, with its beautiful and functional village Torre Marina in Marina di Massa. Close to the village, the location features a wonderful sports center set up every year within the Fiera IMM’s pavillons in Carrara (including 16 courts, 4 of which in taraflex).

    The technical direction is now led by Francois Salvagni, coach of the year for the A1 Women’s League in Urbino, who really embodies the new spirit of Jam Camp Volleyball.

    Whoever sees him in action is struck by his skills and ability, as well as he has been struck by Jam Camp and continues proudly to direct it despite his exceptionally busy schedule (especially after the arrival of his daughter and son, Greta and Giulio). At his side there are other great coaches such as Marcello Abbondanza and Luca Cristofani, who specializes in young athletes and youth tournaments (Volleyrò).

    The champions are exceptional and breathtaking as usual: Leonel Marshall, one of the best players worldwide, Francesca Ferretti and Martina Guiggi, proud members of the phenomenal Scavolini Pesaro, Sara Anzanello, Paola Croce, Javier Gonzalez, Francesca Marcon, Giulia Leonardi, Veronica Angeloni, Davide Saitta, Indres Sorokaite, Diletta Sestini, Frantz Granworka, Gigi Mastrangelo, Maurizio Latelli. We also host professional beach volley players such as Gianluca Casadei and Fosco Cicola.

  • 2011

    News from 2011-2012: The Villa Volley Camp!

    The prestigious team Mc Carnaghi, winner of the 2010 Italian Cup and second team in Italy overall, selected Jam Camp as its official Camp thereby guaranteeing the participation of its champions and coaches. Among them there are Sara Anzanello, Martina Guiggi, Federica Stufi and Luna Carocci.

  • 2012

    In the year 2012-2013 Kinder+ and the Women’s Volleyball League choose us as their official camp

    Another great success comes from Kinder+’s decision of awarding us of their “DOC” sponsorship, which is reserved for the best sporting events targeted to young athletes. The Women’s Volleyball League has also selected Jam Camp Volleyball as their official camp for the 2012-2013 season. This means that the campers will have the unique opportunity to train and play on the pink/purple taraflex of London’s Olympic Games. Only at Jam Camp!

    We also want to mention many other new entries and regulars such as Ivan Zaytsev, Francesca Piccinini, Osvany Hernandez, Sasha Volkov, Valerio Vermiglio, Jiri Kovar, Francesca Ferretti, Federica Stufi, Davide Saitta, Lucia Crisanti, Laura Saccomani, Valentina Rania, Costanza Manfredini, Stefano Patriarca, Indre Sorokaite, Manuela Leggeri, Martina Balboni, Alessia Gennari, Elisa Moncada.

  • 2014

    18th Edition (2014): Reaching maturity

    During our 2014 edition we celebrate the Jam Camp’s coming of (legal) age, its new partnership with Milan’s Power Volley and the participation of champions such as Giordano Mattera e Damiano Valsecchi, besides the cornerstone presence of Maurizio Latelli.

    Pomi Casalmaggiore’s sand volley team officially trains for the incoming season at our Marina di Massa location, featuring athletes such as Giulia Pascucci, Fiamma Mazzini (ex Camper now plyaing in the A1 League), Serena Moneta, Martina Balboni and Alessia Gennari, Valentina Rania, Veronica Angeloni, Jenny Arnoldi, Diletta Sestini.

    At our Capitolo location (Bari), our friend Michele Fedrizzi makes his debut together with Stefano Patriarca, new Italian champion with the Macerata team, and Valeria Caracuto, also originally from Puglia.

    Our location at Naxos Garden (Messina) is tied to the history of beach volleyball, with amazing champions such as Greta Cicolari, classy and amicable player, Valerio Vermiglio, Davide Saitta, Elisa Moncada and Osvany Hernandez. The night tournament featuring Greta and Valerio remains absolutely memorable.

    Other wonderful guests new to Jam Camp in this edition are Valentina Tirozzi, Italian and European champion-to-be with the Pomì team, and Andrea Semenzato.

  • 2015

    2015 Edition – Master Camp

    Our 2015 edition sees the official introduction of the Master Camp formula, directed by Adele Magnani (popular Fipav coach in Modena) and with the invaluable collaboration of Stefano Saja. The physical preparation is followed by Andrea Pozzi, former coach of the Men’s National Team.

    Davide Mazzanti, new Italian champion, gave us the privilege to enjoy his technical direction at the Capitolo location (together with Roberto Leporati, another cornerstone of Jam Camp). Other great champions participating in this edition are Massimo Barbolini, Raydel Poey, with its uniquely Cuban character, Daniele Sottile, Latina’s team captain, Gabriele Maruotti, Jacopo Botto, Stefano Patriarca, Ilaria Garzaro, Martina Balboni, Teresza Rossi Matuskova, Becky Perry, Ilaria Maruotti, Marika Bianchini. Regular and returning guests are instead Lucia Crisanti, Maurizio Latelli, Michele Fedrizzi, Francesca Ferretti and Jenny Arnoldi. Francesca Ferretti in particular has been an integral part to all our Jam Camp edition and thus deserves a special mention here.

  • 2016

    20th Edition (2016) – Her majesty Taimarys Aguero!

    The 2016 edition marks the twentieth year of Jam Camp volleyball and can be considered one of the best editions ever. Technical direction is steadily in the hands of Adele Magnani and Massimo Barbolini, together with Stefano Saja, François Salvagni and the new contribution of Vincenzo Fanizza, one of the best volleyball talent scouts operating out of Castellana Grotte. Other invaluable and growing contributions come from Roberto Leporati, Marco Botti, Andrea Cuco, Ciro Zoratti Paolo De Persio, Marco Calcabrini and Massimiliano Menditti, together with all the other amazing coaches who participated in this edition.

    Among the guests we find amazing champions such as Ramon Gato, Alexandra Klineman, Valentina Zago, but most of all the divine Taimarys Aguero, easily the best volleyball player of all times. Taimarys has charmed everyone with her passion and generosity during this edition, and has promised to come back again in 2017.

    We are also proud to mention our returning guests: Francesca Ferretti, Lucia Crisanti, Ray Poey, Michele Fedrizzi, Elisa Moncada, Maurizio Latelli, Ilaria Garzaro, Laura Saccomani, Veronica Angeloni, Serena Moneta, Ilaria Maruotti and Jenny Arnoldi.

    This strengthened version of the Master Camp really qualifies as a academy for all the brave players who are looking for a volleyball full-immersion over the summer.

  • 2017

    21st Edition (2017) – Volleyrò Jam Camp

    One of the wonderful news of our 2017 edition is the new partneriship with Volleyrò Casal dè Pazzi, the popular Roman team originated from a vision of the belated Andrea Scozzese and Armando Morini, now directed by Laura Bruschini and Luca Cristofani. Starting in 2008, Volleyrò quickly rose to be the greatest volleyball academy in Italy.

    Volleyrò CDP is not only the most forward-looking youth academy (comprising 50 teams, 10.000 young athletes playing in various regional and national clubs), and the most successful (9 youth championships). It is also a life project that aims to build an alternative approach to sport.

    Volleyrò’s technical staff will be actively present in all our Jam Camp editions, and our first turn – both in Marina di Massa and Capitolo – will be labeled “Jam Camp Volleyrò”.

    We are very proud of the new partnership between Jam Camp and Volleyrò and we firmly believe that this combination will create a unique experience for all our participants.

  • 2018

    2018, Savino Del Bene Volley Jam Camp

    From the prestigious and increasingly consolidated partnership with Volleyrò Casal De ‘Pazzi was born the great novelty of 2018: the Savino Del Bene Volley Jam Camp . Great guests of the SDB Volley Scandicci, a leading company in the A1 Women’s Championship, took part in the Jam Camp, further enriching the parterre of coaches and champions who are available to the participants to make the experience even more unforgettable.

    Among all the coaches Carlo Parisi, Massimo Barboli, Francois Salvagni and Stefano Saja and the great champions Tai Aguero, Enrica Merlo, Indre Sorokaite, Marco Falaschi, Gloria Baldi, Luna Carocci, Federica Stufi, Giulia Melli, Martina Ferrara, Michele Fedrizzi, Victor Perez, Serena Moneta, Eleonora Bruno, Francesca Marcon, Veronica Angeloni, Davide Saitta …